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Chris Carline is frequently subject to the screams of small mammalian life forms with a distaste for brussel sprouts. He has occasionally been known to tell tall stories to the gullable, and is generally glad he doesn't have to play commodore 64 games all day long, allowing his other games consoles to gather dust.

This is his online journal and web log of sorts.

20 August 2012

Moving servers

This evening, I have mostly been consolidating my various web services into a single virtual host here at

So far it has been going quite well, but please feel free to point out any discrepancies between here and what went before.

And here's a photo for good measure:

4 May 2012

Are you there?

I just wanted to point out that the two minutes from ~40 minutes in to "The Doctor's Wife" episode of Doctor Who are entirely perfect.

I love you.

20 August 2011

Build That Wall (Zia's Theme)

Recently, Supergiant Games released the title "Bastion". You can get it on the Xbox 360 marketplace or download it from Steam for about £11.50. It has precisely two noteworthy features: The first is that there is an in-game "narrator" (kind-of like "The Stanley Parable" but not nearly as snarky) that breathes quite a lot of life into an otherwise traditional "hack and slash" dungeon-crawler. The second is the quite-sensationally-brilliant soundtrack, which is as wonderful as it is haunting.

One of the characters sings this song (this is not a spoiler):

I like this song so much, I wrote down the lyrics to help me remember them:

    Build That Wall (Zia's Theme)

    I dig my hole, you build a wall
    I dig my hole, you build a wall
    one day that wall is gonna fall

    gonna build that city on a hill
    gonna build that city on a hill
    some day those tears are gonna spill

    so build that wall
    and build it strong cause
    we'll be there before too long

    gonna build that wall up to the sky
    gonna build that wall up to the sky
    some day your bird is gonna fly

    gonna build that wall until it's done
    gonna build that wall until it's done
    but now you've got nowhere to run

    so build that wall
    and build it strong cause
    we'll be there before too long

As for the game, it's QGIP (Quite Good In Parts), although it had me screaming obscenities at the top of my lungs at several points as the developers declined to include sensible save checkpoints and preferred to incorporate enemies that can easily kill you in one or two hits right at the very end of a level (back to square one for YOU m'boy!). This can be slightly mitigated by choosing the right "tonics" from the "distillery", but by the time you get to use them properly you're sufficiently powerful for it not to be a massive problem. Grrr. (It's also very pretty to look at thanks to some lovely in-game art that makes you wish they had slightly more cash to add a bit more variety to the animation).

The soundtrack really is quite something though, and it's worth checking out for this alone. Indeed, it's available as a standalone download from here.

14 April 2011

Vivid dreams

My earliest memories are of vivid dreams, and as far as I can recall, I've had them regularly throughout my life. Obviously, some are more memorable than others, and the ones I remember clearest of all are those in which I am an acting protagonist in an unwinding plot. Whilst I like to think of them as being pretty lucid and coherent, in reality they're probably more akin to sub par Uwe Boll-style movies than Hollywood blockbusters, but every now and again I dream about a small and simple little thing that I like enough to want to write down.

Now, it goes without saying that that the dullest conversations of all are the ones that begin, "let me tell you about this dream I once had", so please be assured that I won't be doing that. It'd only end with you yawning whilst I explained the three requirements needed to kill a demon (you must destroy their physical form, their spirit form and their source of power) or something equally tedious. So yes, not the type of person you'd want to be stuck in a lift with (although certainly more towards the 'benign' side of THAT particular scale).

I've built this up far too much now, but what's a blog for other than an outlet for the purest and most narcissistic forms of self indulgence?

So anyway. In my dream there were these apples that turned into books. Cool, huh?

16 January 2011

Blogs? Don't talk to me about blogs...

So, I thought I'd try accessing my old website from my spangly new Kindle ebook reader (as one does), only to be greeted with the unfortunate words, "Internal Server Error".

"Yikes!", thought I, for I was in the car park at Stockwell and Cohen's, and testing whether or not the free 3G was in fact locked down or not (so far, it appears not to be).

Upon my return, I investigated as to exactly What Was Up With My Site.

Imagine my delight to discover that the version of perl my site was running on and relied upon had been "upgraded" (by the looks of things I'd been migrated from an old 32-bit server to a newer, 64-bit server), which obviously caused all manner of things to stop working. However, after reinstalling and rebuilding a billion and one dependencies (in the correct order) and effectively hammering certain components in with the digital equivalent of the heel of my shoe, things finally seem to be up and running again.

I don't know when it stopped working, and judging by the torrent of, "Hey Chris, your site is down!" emails, neither does anyone else.

But it has lead me to thinking that I really ought to make an effort to post the occasional thing on here every now and again. It's been a long time since September 2009, and a whole lot of water has been passed.

I can't promise that there will be a resurrgence in activity here -- after all, I've not really done much here for much longer than that last-posted date would suggest -- but I'll certainly try to keep things ticking over, if only to make sure that this thing is still working.

Happy New Year, folks!

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