Why I love my children

Posted at 12:08 PM on 29 February 2004

I'm sitting downstairs, working on my computer. Lali appears beside me, excited and pleased with herself.

"Daddy!", she exclaims, offering out her hand to give me something.

"What's that, Lali?" I ask, allowing her to drop the item into my outstretched palm.

It turns out to be a rolo-sized lump of poo.

That is all.

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Comments on "Why I love my children"

Ahhhh - she loves you enough to give you her last Rolo :-D

Mmmmmm - Rolos! Another thing we don't get in Sweden!!

Rolos don't taste like rolos anymore :-(. They used to be yummy (when they were Rowntree's) but now they taste like... Well, lets just say that Lali's present wasn't too far off the truth...


very very funny!

(and messy)


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